Akuwall available in three systems

AKUWALL 40 is the wall where you want to adjust the acoustics sound close to the workplace. These walls are made of anodized aluminum. Acoustic material is a 40 mm acoustic core covered with fire retardant screen wall fabric. The fabric is available as standard in black and light gray. For larger orders you can choose from many colors and designs.

AKUWALL 80 is the large screen wall where you want to split the office landscape in sections. These walls are made of stainless steel and aluminum. Acoustic heart of this wall is 80 mm – which gives the greatest acoustic attenuation could be desired. This wall is available in heights up to 2.45 m and a width up to 2.80 m

AKUDESK is the table-mounted display wall solution that follows your raise / lower the table. The wall is made of anodised aluminum and can freely be set at a height between 5 and 60 cm above the table.

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