AKUFORM, Acoustics & Design

AKUFORM manufactures acoustical products that reduce noise problems in homes, offices, public institutions and in industrial environments.

Akuform using the latest and newest technology to reduce noise to a minimum. The materials used are acoustically efficient and combine unique products with beautiful design that can be included in almost all environments.

Most of our products are fire resistant and allergy tested. Many of the products bearing the Scandinavian “Nordic Swan” label.

The products are developed and designed in Denmark. Akuform has worked with design and development of acoustic products over the past several years. Today AKUFORM some of the most effective acoustical products to market while also some of the most innovative and stunning designer products.

Demand for AKUFORM’s products are a result of the design trends that we’ve seen in recent years. “Opening the office environment” with hard surfaces and large glass panels form an increasing acoustical challenge, often resulting in stress and communication problems.

Akuform specializes in solving these types of acoustic problems / challenges without compromising on design and quality in our products.


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